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De Orilla a Orilla
c/o Kristin Brown

847 Arden Dr.
Encinitas, CA 92024
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Enid Figueroa, Kristin Brown, and
Dennis Sayers, Co-Founders

Reinaldo Rivera, Technical Support



Current Projects

On this page you will find selected examples of bilingual projects that involve Orillas classes or that were designed by Orillas teachers and which are currently accepting new participants.

We Care - From California to Indonesia

Students in the Orillas-iEARN network share messages of
caring and solidarity with children in other parts of the world
affected by the tsunami.
All ages and languages ( students can communicate via artwork)
De Orilla a Orilla, and iEARN-Orillas (with thanks to IMC)


Si las rocas pudieran hablar, ¿qué nos dirían? / If Rocks Could Talk, What Would They Tell Us?

Students collect and analyze different types of rocks in their region, write about the formation of the rocks and the communities in which they were found, and then exchange their findings with a school in another part of the world.
Ongoing (will begin again in Spring, 2002)
All ages and languages (Spanish primarily and some English)
De Orilla a Orilla (proposed by teachers in Puerto Rico), and IEARN-Orillas


First People's project/Proyecto de arte global indígena
In this project indigenous students examine the cultures, histories and current issues facing First People from around the world through an exchange of writing and artwork.


All ages and all languages (primarily English, Spanish, and indigenous languages)

iEARN (with coordination of the Spanish language projects by
De Orilla a Orilla)


Inclusion -- Inclusión

This project will help disseminate strategies to promote the inclusion of students with special needs or disabilities. Discussion and research will take place among classroom teachers and other educators.
For teachers and other educators.
Languages: (Spanish primarily and some English
De Orilla a Orilla (proposed by teachers in Puerto Rico), and iEARN-Orillas


Proyecto FRESA - Project Strawberry

This project was designed by CLMER Telementors Amada Perez and Michelle Singer. Together, their 3rd and 5th grade classes created a multi-media, cross-curricular anthology about the relationship of the strawberry crops, which surround and sustain the local community and economy, to the students' lives. Students conduct family interviews; graph and analyze the data collected, write poetry, conduct research via the internet; and plan for social action.
Ages: All
Languages: English and Spanish

Center for Language Minority Educational Research (with participation of classes from Project "De Orilla a Orilla")
Contact: Michelle Singer and Amada Perez orillas-info@igc.org


Cuéntame un cuento -- Tell me a story

This project from CLMER telementors collects stories that are good for retelling -- stories handed down through the oral tradition. Students develop their own storytelling skills in their first and second languages by reporting on the setting in which they heard the story and on their experiences in retelling the story. They invite classes around the world to share folktales from their cultures. The stories will be published on-line.
Ages: All
Languages: Spanish and English, but othersare welcome.
Center for Language Minority Educational Research (De Orilla a Orilla and iEARN teachers participate in on-line story exchange)
Contact: Rosemary and Zoiner Tejada and Mardi Musick orillas-info@igc.org



Puertas a la Paz/Doors to Peace

Students create and participate in activities to promote a culture of peace in their local communities and in the wider world.
Ongoing (The project had an enthusiastic start in Spanish and is now registering English-speaking classes.)

Ages: All
Languages: Spanish and English
IEARN-Latina (with participation of classes from "Project Orillas")
Contact: Rafael Alvarez, Crescencion Orrego and Maria Patricia Ochoa orillas-info@igc.org


Conectando las matematicas a la vida / Connecting Math to Our Lives

Students use math to analyze issues of importance to our society, and to take action to promote greater equity in their school or community.
All ages and languages welcome (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French primarily this year but all are welcome.)
De Orilla a Orilla, Center for Langauge Minority Educational Research, and IEARN-Orillas
Contact: Kristin Brown and the international team of CMTOL on-line facilitators orillas-math@igc.org