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De Orilla a Orilla
c/o Kristin Brown

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Enid Figueroa, Kristin Brown, and
Dennis Sayers, Co-Founders

Reinaldo Rivera, Technical Support



De Orilla a Orilla: Collaboration with iEARN

If you have already received an iEARN-Orillas username and password,
please click here:
Enter the interactive forums of iEARN and iEARN-Orillas

In July of 1995, Orillas was invited by iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) to create an iEARN-Orillas Center. This collaboration has opened new opportunities for intercultural learning through exchanges with more than 80 countries. iEARN has as its goal "Youth Making a Difference in the World" and provides a forum for participating in projects designed by teachers and youth around the world for youth of all ages and in a wide range of curriculum areas.

The iEARN-Orillas Center has a special interest in multilingual and anti-racist education, critical pedagogy, and issues of equity. Each year the iEARN-Orillas Center (in collaboration with the Center for Language MInority Educational Research CLMER, and the University of Puerto Rico) offers participation in the project forums on iEARN to educators with an interest in these areas. To find out more about participating in this project, and to receive a name and password to enter iEARN's forums, please contact the Orillas coordinators at orillas-support@igc.org.

IEARN holds an annual international conference for participating students and teachers. In 1999 the De Orilla a Orilla Project and the iEARN-Orillas Center organized the conference in Puerto Rico at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. More than 400 educators and students participated from 40 countries.

iEARN Latina

Orillas has a close relationship with the other iEARN Centers that form part of IEARN Latina and is one of the founding members of this organization.

We invite you to explore the web pages of some of the other Centers that form part of iEARN Latina: the TELAR network of Argentina and PANGEA in Catalunya.

The first conference of iEARN Latina was held in Mar del Plata, Argentina in April, 2000.

(click on the graphic to view the conference web pages)

iEARN Contacts

Would you like more information? Please write to us at the Orillas support address or contact any of us individually:

orillas-support@igc.org (To reach all the coordinators)

krbrown@igc.org (Kristin Brown,Co-director, iEARN-Orillas Center, and Member of the iEARN International Assembly)

efigueroa@orillas.org (Enid Figueroa, Co-director, iEARN-Orillas Center, and Member of the iEARN International Assembly)

rosyaguila@infovia.com.ar (Rosy Aguila, Member of iEARN International Secretariat)